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Spring 2019 is finally here!

It seemed like it would never end... the snow just kept coming. The cold temperatures seemed like they were here to stay. Then, it happened... the cold went away. The sun shone brightly, and the birds came back!Read More

Swimming With The Fishes

What do you get when you put twins on the backs of sea turtles? Two very happy baby girls!

Well, even though they were just turtle tubes, the girls still had a blast during their first time swimming.

Miss Savannah wasn’t too sure at first, but she warmed up to the water pretty quick. Miss Aurora, on the other hand, took to the water like a fish. Right away, she was kicking her legs, and trying to explore.

The fish came by to greet the girls, and even gave them kisses on their feet. After the girls were done in the water, the ducks and geese came by to say hello!

After such a big adventure, it was quickly time for a rest. As their eyes got heavy, dreams of ducks and fish swam into their minds...

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Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

The girls had lots of adventures to go on, so mommy and daddy were super busy getting them everywhere they wanted to go!

We checked out a lake, hidden deep in the woods. There were a lot of hungry bugs though, so the girls only wanted to stay for a little. After a few photos, we were on our way.

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We heard about these really big, loud, pretty lights in the sky. The girls didn’t believe it, so they wanted to see them for themselves. Our local fireworks show was postponed, so we hunted down the next nearest one. They loved seeing the big pretty lights, and look forward to seeing more!

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The adventures were not done yet! ...

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