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Three months already!

Today marks three months our little girls have been in our arms. Its crazy to think that much time has passed, when it feels like just yesterday we met them for the first time.

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The girls weigh WHAT?


How is it that our baby girls, who were so little at birth, have grown to nearly double their weight?

It seems like just yesterday, they were both able to lay in Daddy’s arms. Now, they’re a bit too tall.

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2018: New Year, New… Features?

Hey everybody

So it’s 2018. I know the site is still in it’s infancy (see what i did there?), but there’s a lot more I would like to achieve with it. Right now, it pretty much strictly focuses on the babies. Who doesn’t love a constant stream of baby pictures?

I want to add some new features too. Our page is going to feature a centralized hub for anything regarding our wedding. I’m considering adding a cooking blog (yes, really!). Also going to see about playing with the ad settings. I was testing Google AdSense, just to see if we could use the site to help pay for diapers. It didn’t work so well. I will keep trying to tweak it, so the ads become less intrusive, and more worthy of being on our site.

Oh, and did I mention our new Facebook presence? no? well then, is how to get there...

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Sorry about the late post. I meant to post these on December 18th… but who doesn’t love monthly baby photos? even if they are about two weeks late…

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