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Half a year already!!!

In the blink of an eye, six months has passed already. It feels like moments ago, I was blessed to look into my daughters’ eyes for the first time. Yet here we are, all of 20 seconds later, and our little girls are half a year old. If time keeps moving this quick, I’ll be watching them graduate by the time I wake up tomorrow. I just hope time slows down. There’s no need to rush.

Happy half-birthday my loves.

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Our first trip to the park!

It was a beautifully warm afternoon (finally!). The girls had been begging to go outside and play (okay, maybe it was me. maybe.) We made our way to the park, where the girls rolled around in the grass, and had a great time. okay, so it was me, but it was just to take pictures of the adorable girls as they felt grass for the first time.

Anyway, here are the ones you’re actually here to see.

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Hoppy Easter!

The girls had an egg-cellent time dressing up like the Easter bunny for their first Easter.

Aurora was thrilled posing for the camera, while Savannah was having a blast playing with the eggs.

Happy Easter everybody!

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