About Us

You can’t start a happy family, without two people who are madly in love. Who could possibly be more in love, than these two? Expecting their two little girls soon, this mommy and daddy are definitely two lovebirds.





Miss Aurora Isabella, the baby we were expecting. As discovered in our last appointment, she is growing fast at four pounds one ounce. She seems to be a shy baby, not wanting pictures to be taken. This is the best one we have, and it’s a few weeks old. She might be shy about her pictures, but she’s certainly not shy about letting us know she is there! 🙂






Miss Savannah Grace was our surprise baby. We had known Aurora was growing in there, but the sonographer informed us we needed to be ready for twice the bundles of joy! Also weighing four pounds one ounce, she’s growing right at the same pace as her identical twin sister. As you can see from this photo, which is quite a bit more recent, Miss Savannah Grace is much more unabashed about her picture being taken.