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Fun weekend out and about

We had a fun weekend staying out of the house, but close to home.

The girls enjoyed playing in the grass, and watching bubbles as they drifted through the air.

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The next day, we went exploring some back roads. We found a path that led down to the river, so we stopped for a break.

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8 Month Photos!

Our wonderful girls are officially 8 month’s old! Every day, they get a little more independent. I’m so excited to watch them grow, but it breaks my heart that they’re growing so fast.

Due to some technical difficulties, we had to take the photos in two shoots. The girls didn’t mind though. They love being out in the sun!

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A Playdate with Fifi!

The girls had a surprise meet and greet with Fifi, one of the two remaining operational B-29 Superfortresses!

Even though the girls wanted to take it for a ride (okay, so maybe that was daddy…), we decided to leave that to the professionals.

We also had an opportunity to see a C-45 Expeditor, named Bucket Of Bolts, as well as a T-6 Texan!

It was an incredible experience, learning how the B-29 worked, and getting to take a tour. I’m sure the girls won’t remember much of it, but that’s why we take pictures. We had more pictures to share with you, but unfortunately there were some technical difficulties. Nevertheless, don’t miss page two!

To learn more about these World War II aircraft, please check out

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Happy June!

Happy June everybody!

June 1st was an absolutely beautiful day, so we had to go play outside! The girls were able to play on the swing sets, and Savannah seemed to really like going fast!

They weren’t too thrilled with the slides, but maybe they’ll like them more when they’re older.

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