Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

The girls had lots of adventures to go on, so mommy and daddy were super busy getting them everywhere they wanted to go!

We checked out a lake, hidden deep in the woods. There were a lot of hungry bugs though, so the girls only wanted to stay for a little. After a few photos, we were on our way.

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We heard about these really big, loud, pretty lights in the sky. The girls didn’t believe it, so they wanted to see them for themselves. Our local fireworks show was postponed, so we hunted down the next nearest one. They loved seeing the big pretty lights, and look forward to seeing more!

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The adventures were not done yet! Seeing daddy driving all the time, the girls wanted their turn! They sat like big girls, and DROVE US! they steered the shopping cart at the grocery store. They didn’t do too bad for first time drivers, though they certainly need to watch the road (or the aisle, in this case).

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Happy Independence Day! Stay tuned for more adventures!

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