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On The Right Track

Its been a while since we’ve gotten some new pictures posted here. I know you’re all still waiting for the one year photos. Like an Amtrak heading to Rochester, they’re coming… but in the meantime, we thought we would just keep chugging along with some new photos.

We had a engine-eous idea to take some photos at the train tracks. We figured that would get our locomotor running…

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Have your tickets available, and get ready to board. You never know what we may conduct next, just to blow off some steam!

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11 months old. We picked some perfect pumpkins!

Look at these beautiful pumpkins we picked in the patch! They're absolutely adorable, aren't they?Read More

10 months old… “Who” would have thought

The girls brought us on an adventure to go see some wildlife.Read More

Racing Towards One

Sorry it’s taken so long to get these photos posted. Ever since the girls got behind the wheel, we have been off on all sorts of adventures!

For their nine month photos, they took us to the park for a fun day out! Savannah told me she loves feeling the grass tickling her feet, while Aurora let us know just how much fun the swing-set can be.

One year is still three months away, but those three months are going to zoom by at 65 miles per hour.

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Swimming With The Fishes

What do you get when you put twins on the backs of sea turtles? Two very happy baby girls!

Well, even though they were just turtle tubes, the girls still had a blast during their first time swimming.

Miss Savannah wasn’t too sure at first, but she warmed up to the water pretty quick. Miss Aurora, on the other hand, took to the water like a fish. Right away, she was kicking her legs, and trying to explore.

The fish came by to greet the girls, and even gave them kisses on their feet. After the girls were done in the water, the ducks and geese came by to say hello!

After such a big adventure, it was quickly time for a rest. As their eyes got heavy, dreams of ducks and fish swam into their minds...

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Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

The girls had lots of adventures to go on, so mommy and daddy were super busy getting them everywhere they wanted to go!

We checked out a lake, hidden deep in the woods. There were a lot of hungry bugs though, so the girls only wanted to stay for a little. After a few photos, we were on our way.

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We heard about these really big, loud, pretty lights in the sky. The girls didn’t believe it, so they wanted to see them for themselves. Our local fireworks show was postponed, so we hunted down the next nearest one. They loved seeing the big pretty lights, and look forward to seeing more!

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The adventures were not done yet! ...

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Fun weekend out and about

We had a fun weekend staying out of the house, but close to home.

The girls enjoyed playing in the grass, and watching bubbles as they drifted through the air.

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The next day, we went exploring some back roads. We found a path that led down to the river, so we stopped for a break.

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A Playdate with Fifi!

The girls had a surprise meet and greet with Fifi, one of the two remaining operational B-29 Superfortresses!

Even though the girls wanted to take it for a ride (okay, so maybe that was daddy…), we decided to leave that to the professionals.

We also had an opportunity to see a C-45 Expeditor, named Bucket Of Bolts, as well as a T-6 Texan!

It was an incredible experience, learning how the B-29 worked, and getting to take a tour. I’m sure the girls won’t remember much of it, but that’s why we take pictures. We had more pictures to share with you, but unfortunately there were some technical difficulties. Nevertheless, don’t miss page two!

To learn more about these World War II aircraft, please check out

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Happy June!

Happy June everybody!

June 1st was an absolutely beautiful day, so we had to go play outside! The girls were able to play on the swing sets, and Savannah seemed to really like going fast!

They weren’t too thrilled with the slides, but maybe they’ll like them more when they’re older.

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Half a year already!!!

In the blink of an eye, six months has passed already. It feels like moments ago, I was blessed to look into my daughters’ eyes for the first time. Yet here we are, all of 20 seconds later, and our little girls are half a year old. If time keeps moving this quick, I’ll be watching them graduate by the time I wake up tomorrow. I just hope time slows down. There’s no need to rush.

Happy half-birthday my loves.

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I want to thank our good friend Dan at Dan Keeney Photography for taking our six month photos. He’s experienced with weddings, photo booths, and much more. Check him out for your next event!

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